Virtual Learning Days



Virtual Learning Days may occur during inclement weather as well as being pre-planned as a part of our academic calendar during events such as Parent-Teacher Conferences and Professional Development for our staff.

How it Works

Teachers in grades K-8 will have assignments for English, Math and Religion posted in ParentsWeb for you to access.  Jr High (6-8) students will have to go to each individual class (English, Math and Religion) to access their assignments given.  

Please keep in mind work should not be completed until the VLD day.  Completion of their assignments in these 3 core subjects are what count for their physical attendance that day.

Take the time to get familiar with RenWeb before VLD's.  If you have not accessed Parentsweb, please do it now.  This will help to minimize stress the day of and alleviate overwhelming the teachers with questions.  

Failure to complete the assignments will result in an unexcused absence.  Failure to complete all of the assignments will result in a score of a zero.  

Assistance with RenWeb ParentsWeb

If you have trouble logging into your ParentsWeb account, please contact Joy Williams in the School Office at


Download a step by step guide to assist you in accessing your child(ren)'s VLD assignments.